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Yolanda Miche Shell (Petite)

Yolanda Miche Shell (Petite)

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Perfect for a dinner party where you want to add a bit of fun to your formal attire. You can also add a splash of charming elegance to your favorite jeans and T-shirt.

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It is as fun as it is functional, and that is what makes the Yolanda shell an outstanding choice for your Miche Petite bag. Soft and smooth faux leather in rich, golden butterscotch is the foundation that makes this shell a standout. A sparkling, snowy white faux leather accent starts at the top of this shell with graceful lines that end in a fun triangle in the exact center. A gold logo plate and rivet accents provide eye catching sparkle and color.

When you add the new Petite White Handle, the gold chains give the Miche Yolanda Petite shell an even greater amount of sparkle and allure.

The snap clasp on these smooth faux leather handles makes it easy to change out your handles as much as you desire.