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Turquoise Stone Accent

Turquoise Stone Accent

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An ideal mate to Miche Jewelry's Turquoise Stone earrings.

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Light, carefree and inspired by the warmth of summer, the Turquoise Stone accent features three turquoise ovals, framed in gold and tipped with the Miche signature connection system. Just attach the two sparkling ends to a Miche chain for a customized look! Go green – blue-green, that is – with this deliciously summery Turquoise Stone accent necklace piece. Made of a trio of elegant turquoise ovals delicately framed in gold (not real gold) each end is tipped with the signature crystal half-sphere that connects to Miche jewelry chains through hidden magnets. With just a snap, your favorite chain transforms into a showcase for these lovely stones, placed to accent the curve of your collarbone. It’s an ideal mate to Miche’s Turquoise Stone earrings, too!

Pair this Turquoise Stone Accent Pendant with the Turquoise Drop Earrings for a fabulous summer jewelry set.