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Trisha Miche Shell (Prima)

Trisha Miche Shell (Prima)

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The muted teal hue works all year round, but is especially dreamy for cooler weather, offering a reminder of lush beaches and endless tropical oceans.

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The Trisha Miche Shell Prima has everything you could ever want in a shell – a breathtaking color, roomy side pockets and a unique detail in the center for texture and a splash of style. A cool teal, this pretty shell is just the right shade for year-round enjoyment. This teal beauty works great with Teal Handle Straps and the Soft Bone Miche Wallet. Green is the color of health and wealth, and what could be a more fitting venue than a Miche shell? The faux leather Trisha Miche Shell Prima dazzles with luscious teal and nine centered braid accents that make it ideal for wearing with both formal and casual outfits. On each side, a large side pocket holds sunglasses, mints and other frequently used personal items to prevent the dreaded “digging” when they’re needed.