» Tereasa Miche Shell (Prima)
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Tereasa Miche Shell (Prima)

Tereasa Miche Shell (Prima)

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With her bold come-hither leopard print and her glossy patent detailing, she gives off a mighty roar. A front-facing zippered compartment makes for great additional bag storage.

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Pair this shell with the black handle add-on and you’ve got a Miche shell that will turn heads. Great for a gift, but you know that with a tempting treat like this, you’ll want to keep it all to yourself. Oh Tereasa is a naughty naughty girl. While other kittens play peacefully in the back rooms, this big cat takes center stage and dares you to look at it. But it does more than just look good, it has added storage for those little items you need to keep at your fingertips. Go on, indulge, we won’t tell anyone at all.