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Tanya Miche Shell (Classic)

Tanya Miche Shell (Classic)

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Scales and diamond shapes that hold all the charm of an exotic rainforest wrap each side in vertical rows, punctuated with contrasting black stitching that blocks out delicate angles.

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The beauty of a sun-drenched rainforest boa has been captured to adorn the faux leather sides of the Tanya shell. Brilliant greens add an unexpected pop to snakeskin patterning, while subtle black stitching along the edges and angles adds definition. Bold black triangles at the bottom corners contribute a fun dash of contrast. You’ve never seen a textured print like this! Tanya is a unique faux-leather shell that features an unusual patterned snakeskin print, punched up with a brilliant dose of vibrant green. If you’re tired of browns, greys and ochre in your reptile-look accessories, this jungle-ready beauty is a breath of fresh, tropical air. At the bottom edge, two triangular accents of reptile-textured black accentuate the corners. Just below the top edge of this shell, a polished silvery Miche plate tames the jungle spirit just enough for urban fashion. Don’t miss out on this hot trend – emerald is the color of the year, after all, and this unexpected serpentine twist will make other fashion-forward women positively green with envy.