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Snowflake Miche Shell -- Petite

Snowflake Miche Shell — Petite

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Not only does this bag ooze charm but it also proves very useful for carrying the necessities for a day out in the snow.

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The seasons are changing and so should your choice of bag. A winter look can be achieved with ease when the Snowflake (Petite) bag is selected. The Snowflake (Petite) bag will add a touch of elegance to any winter outfit, with its delicate style and detailed design. Faux leather is the material of choice for this unpretentious bag and the unyielding material will withstand the elements that the winter months bring. A smoky grey tone camouflages the faux leather, which looks angelic when combined with the white and blue tones of the snowflake patterns. Pair this bag with neutral-colored clothing and petite accessories for a refined look. Shield a purse, lipsticks and a camera inside the Snowflake (Petite) while turning heads as you parade through the streets.