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Sherry Miche Shell (Classic)

Sherry Miche Shell (Classic)

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Like a prim designer suit jacket, this shell is dressed for success in an eye-catching black and white jacquard floral pattern.

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This is not the sort of Miche shell you’ll wear once and forget about – once you give it a try, you’re sure to agree that this trendy purse is one that every style-minded woman deserves to own. The abstract daisies that comprise each side offer a cheerful alternative to solid bags with a fun, funky design that you’ll fall instantly in love with. The center of each side is decorated with six smooth black buttons, framed in lines of black piping for a jazzy little finish. The black and white hues blend well with outfits of every color, but the daisy pattern is the true star of the show in this clever little shell. A silvertone Miche plate winks in a corner, telling the world that you have discerning taste in your accessories. Both the classic black base bag and the Miche classic white base bag will work with this adorable shell.