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Raquel Miche Shell (Classic)

Raquel Miche Shell (Classic)

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Exotic, glamorous, and a step ahead of the trends, this faux leather shell is adorned with an exciting animal print that brings browns, blacks, and golds into a beautifully blended result. An unusual gathered effect adds dimension that accentuates the abstract pattern in rippling folds.

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The Raquel Miche Shell for Classic Miche Bags is an exotic and flirty animal print paired with solid faux-leather. The Miche faceplate ties the colors and textures of this shell together elegantly, placed perfectly in the center of the tan top. Bold and daring while still demure enough to pair with career wear and casual clothes, this sexy style is ideal for those who love leopard print but find it a little too loud for everyday use. A matte counterpoint that balances the busy pattern, the wide sienna band at the top features gently rounded edges. This Miche design detail evokes the shape of a classic fold-over style in a convenient way.