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Paula Miche Shell (Demi)

Paula Miche Shell (Demi)

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The unique textures and patterns of lizard skin are shown in tones of beautiful butter yellows, tans, and off-whites for an effect that's nothing short of memorable.

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Paula Miche Shell features framing the wide swath of pastel-hued reptile print on each side are a trio of delicate pleats that add depth and character from every angle. A silvertone Miche plate seems to float across the organic flow of the pattern, providing a chic modern counterpoint to a classic finish. The bold lines of reptile chic show in bright contrast to a pastel background in this faux leather Miche Demi Shell. At the top of this shell, a wide band of sunny pastel yellow offers a smooth, harmonious complement to the energetic pattern beneath, tying the look together perfectly.

Don’t keep the exciting possibilities of reptile prints in the dark – cross the color spectrum and elevate your style with this unexpected treat of an accessory.