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Morning Dew Necklace

Morning Dew Necklace

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Glittering as though touched with drops of purest spring water, this necklace gives you that sparkle factor.

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Glowing with all the colors of a summer sunrise over a bubbling natural spring, the Miche Morning Dew Necklace flows, framing your face in freshness . Cool blue-green strands tangle with golden, crystal drops sparkling, all reflecting the radiance of you. Worth awaking for at dawn, the Miche Morning Dew Necklace is a glorious riot of golden chains, turquoise seed beads, aqua and cobalt faceted beads, and a sparkling gold rope of inset cut crystal gems. Like a secret green glen deep in the forest, just kissed with the rays of the rising sun, the strands flow around the neck with a lush and dappled light. This is a gemstone dream for anyone who loves bling.