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Monica Miche Shell (Demi)

Monica Miche Shell (Demi)

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With four evenly spaced pleats, this purse is given a balanced symmetry that only adds to its allure.

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Perfectly poised, the Monica Demi shell from Miche adds a large dose of elegance and vibrant color to anything you wear. Bright candy apple red faux leather that is finished to a high level of glossiness produces a bag that immediately catches the eye. The intricate marble design of the Monica Miche Shell makes this a standout addition to your collection of Demi Miche Shells. A zippered pocket along the back provides a convenient place to tuck those small items, such as your keys, lipstick and mobile phone, in so you can reach them easily.

For a matchy-matchy look, swap out the original black handles that came with your base bag for a pair of dashing handle straps in spectacular red patent. Its expansive interior gives you plenty of room for your makeup bag, brush and wallet.