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Misty Miche Shell (Demi)

Misty Miche Shell (Demi)

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A classic navy canvas shell with a hazelnut brown faux leather makes this bag a must have.

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A navy canvas that has been coated for easy wear and cleaning. This classic dark blue shell is accented with a rich nutty brown faux-leather giving it a rich look. The tassel gives this nautical looking shell some playfulness. Miche Bag’s newest look for July 2013, the Misty Miche Shell. Everyone will love this new Miche Bags Shell, the Misty Miche Shell. It is going to fly off of the racks to pick yours up soon! The nutty brown faux-leather accents on the base of the bag, around the side pockets and the top of the shell add richness and emphasizes American’s classic sportswear. Misty Miche Shell fits the Demi Base Bag. Pair it with the new Interchangeable Handles for the complete look.