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Mila Miche Shell (Classic)

Mila Miche Shell (Classic)

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Spice up your daily errands or steam up a night on the town; this bag can handle it all, and will hold everything you need without breaking a sweat.

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Not for the timid, Mila demands attention, a siren-scream of red croc, just in time to ignite your spring and summer wardrobes. Let others cool it while you revel in the heat of exotic texture and sizzling color, You like the spotlight and Mila draws it to you without fail. Own center stage with a refreshing splash of cherry-berry red croc when Mila Miche Shell, Classic, is on your arm. Dangerously elegant, this is the sexy red sports car of purses, stylish and sleek but with a definite attitude.

Pull together a casual look with its traditional styling, or let its jewel like color glow as a focal point on your big date in the perfect little black dress. Textured red faux croc panels are double seamed for a tailored look, and the roomy end pockets are the perfect place for items you need close at hand, like a pair of shades and the keys to your ride. You decide just how hot, mama, and Mila will increase the temp accordingly. If you like this look, check out our new Miche Red Croc Wallet!