» Mikado Stackable Rings – Season (Size 8)
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Mikado Stackable Rings - Season (Size 8)

Mikado Stackable Rings – Season (Size 8)

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Golden bands undulate, waves on a sunny lagoon, drenching your fingers in tranquility.

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Stack them or spread the joy across several fingers; no matter how you choose to wear this caribbean sea blue inspired set of rings, you will be enjoying a holiday of golden waves and a warm wash of tropical colors. Beautiful hues of warm, tropical seas invite you to take the plunge and slip three Mikado Stackable Rings on your hand. Aqua and turquoise shade into to deepest pure cobalt blue, an oval, a round and a square–stack on one finger to watch the colors pop, or let the fingers share, the colors flowing across your hand, like your own personal waterfall. Check out our entire line of Miche’s seasonal jewelry. We have Miche Mikado Bangles and Miche Mikado Earrings to finish this look off right.