» Miche Single Handle Conversion Kit (Classic)
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Miche Single Handle Conversion Kit (Classic)

Miche Single Handle Conversion Kit (Classic)

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With the four solid metal rings and two carabiners included in this kit, you can quickly and easily add a new single strap look to your purse.

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With the new single strap of your bag and a brand new shell, you can usher in a bold new look that embraces your personality and vibe. Love your Classic Miche base bag, but want a change? Have you ever wondered if you can use just one strap to carry your favorite bag? If so, you will be happy to know that you can easily convert your purse to a single strap from double handles with the Single Handle Conversion Kit.

While you are changing your Miche bag from a double handle to a single strap is the perfect time to change the look of your strap to match a new shell.

Both the carabiners and the rings included in the set measure 1″ and feature a silver finish.