» Miche Silver Carabiners (1 inch)
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Miche Silver Carabiners (1 inch)

Miche Silver Carabiners (1 inch)

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Easy to open, and easy to use, these 1″ Silver Carabiners allow you to change your favorite Miche bag to more fully suit your needs.

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Sparkle and shine spice up your jeans and hoodie into a more festive look. When wearing clothing that is dressy, using these carabiners keeps your Miche bag in step with the look you want to project. By gently easing the moveable section of the carabiner with your fingertip, you can add extension rings to make your handles longer. This length makes it easier for you to slip your purse over your shoulder for a sleek look or wear it across your body for a look that is sporty. The ease of opening and closing these metal rings allows you to quickly add more rings or replace lost carabiners. Sold in a set of four, these rings boast a silver finish that adds a sophisticated elegance to even the most casual outfit.