» Miche Silver Carabiners (1.5 inch)
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Miche Silver Carabiners (1.5 inch)

Miche Silver Carabiners (1.5 inch)

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No matter how much you love your Miche bag, there will likely come a day when you will want a change. With this set of 1.5″ Silver Carabiners, you can make that change.

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With only the lightest pressure necessary in order to open the carabiner, you can attach it to the rings and make your purse handle longer. Make your existing handle longer by adding these rings. Available four to a set, using these accessories is quick and simple.You follow the same fast procedure to replace any lost carabiners you might have. Another way to use these 1.5″ Silver Carabiners is to change out the antique brass ones you have on your Miche bag. You can do this to make your rings and carabiners match your shell more seamlessly or you can do it to provide a splash of shiny silver that adds a hint of contrast to your purse.