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Miche Raven Charmer

Miche Raven Charmer

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Featuring three rows jet black beads that are multifaceted interspersed with silver toned chains lengths and burnt bronze accent beads, this charming accessory adds an element of elegance to any Miche bag.

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Make a pleasantly musical appearance when your Charmers gently bounce against each other as you enter a room. All eyes, and ears, will turn your way to enjoy the sounds and sights of your unique style. Cultivate a mysterious and captivating presence with the Raven Charmer. The handy lobster claw clasp attached to the silver ring from which the bead dangle makes it a quick and easy job to add this Raven Charmer to your favorite Miche purse or backpack. You can also attach it to your keyring and add the allure of mystery to an ordinary everyday object. Use this darkly colored charmer to add contrast to other charmers or accessories that are brightly colored for a fun and engaging look. Check out all of our Miche Charmers and collect them all.