» Miche Quick-Clip Shoulder Strap (Black)
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Miche Quick-Clip Shoulder Strap (Black)

Miche Quick-Clip Shoulder Strap (Black)

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Ready to mix things up with your Prima or Demi bag? This Quick-Clip Shoulder Strap is an easy way to do just that with style and aplomb.

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Keep the carabiners with the handle you removed so they will not get lost. Now, simply depress the area of the silver carabiner that opens and hold it open while you maneuver the ring through both the base and shell grommets. Smooth and bold black faux leather make this Quick-Clip Shoulder Strap a fast way to change the look of your favorite bag. Exude charm and personality with this strap that promises to not clash with a single thing you own. The 1.25″ width of the strap makes it comfortable for your shoulders while the handle drop of 19″ gives you enough room to move about without being awkward. To change the strap, first, remove the handle you already have on your Miche bag as well as the carabiners.