» Miche Purse Organizer For Classic & Prima Miche Shells
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Miche Purse Organizer For Classic & Prima Miche Shells

Miche Purse Organizer For Classic & Prima Miche Shells

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Perfectly fitting into the Classic and Prima base bags, this clever Miche accessory improves your ability to find anything within like a well-designed filing cabinet for your purse.

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Loaded with pockets, slots and sleeves, the Miche Purse Organizer truly has a place for all of your essentials and also plenty of room for extras that find their way into every woman’s daily routine. Credit cards, identification, keys, cellphones and wallets all have a specific home in the black nylon “bag within a bag.” Frustrating and fruitless diving expeditions deep into a disorganized and overloaded bag will be a thing of the past when you put the Miche Purse Organizer on the job. The construction of the organizer is sturdy, and it stands upright even when outside of a base bag so it easily can be loaded with your personal items, and will be at the ready to move from bag to bag.

The large center pocket even has room for modern conveniences like an e-reader or a netbook or tablet. Affordable and efficient, once you go through the contents of your bag and organize them into this sensible sorting solution you will wonder how you ever got through a productive day without one.

Reduce your daily stress by keeping tiny and frequently misplaced favorites like your hand cream, lipstick or pens in a dedicated place within the organizer.