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Miche Pockettes

Miche Pockettes

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This clever “accessory for your accessories” is made of a chocolate brown polyester/nylon blended lace that slides over your Miche classic base bag, beneath your favorite shell, adding two faux leather pockets to a complete Miche bag – one on each side.

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A classic Miche bag not only looks sensational, it acts as a constant companion that holds your favorite makeup, credit cards, jewelry, and more. If your flat-sided shell is short changing you on storage for change, pens, and other necessary items, it’s time to upgrade with a Miche Pockettes add-on. You’ll never have to choose between a flat shell and extra storage again – this smart, lacy solution is ready to ensure you have both. Double the versatility of your existing Miche shell and base bag collection with this fun product to get function and fashion in a single finished accessory.

Once you’re able to find your must-have trinkets in moments, you’ll wonder how you ever made do without this extra pair of pockets.