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Miche Petite Handle (Black)

Miche Petite Handle (Black)

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This simple black strap has subtle edge stitching and features bright chain links on each end for a hint of metallic glimmer.

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You’ve got the Miche base bag ready to go, you’ve got your favorite shells lined up, now add the perfect finishing touch with this sleek little Miche Petite Handle in black. It’s exactly what your cute little petite-purse combo has been longing for! No matter what the pattern or color of your Miche petite shell, there’s one accessory that you’re sure to reach for over and over again: the Black Miche Petite Handle. The ends are finished with easy-on clips, ensuring that your customized Miche bag is ready to hit the town whenever you are.

This simple handle goes with nearly any shell in your collection: pair it with lighter shells for bold contrast, darker shells for a tied-together look, or with black-infused patterns to accentuate the lovely details of your selection.