» Miche Petite Handle (Antique Brass)
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Miche Petite Handle (Antique Brass)

Miche Petite Handle (Antique Brass)

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Enjoy the classic look of antique brass when you use this Petite Handle (Antique Brass) with your Petite Miche bag.

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When you add it to a neutral color shell, the look is one of elegance and professionalism, making it perfect for work or a more formal event such as a military ball. Pair it with a your favorite shell that has a more colorful pattern and you can enjoy an eye catching work of art. Expect to have other women asking you about your stunning Miche purse when you use the Petite Handle (Antique Brass) with it. Changing the handle on your handbag is an easy as unsnapping the other handle and snapping the new one on. The entire process takes only a few seconds so you can change the way your purse looks whenever the mood, or occasion, strikes you. Only Miche gives you so many choices to match your purse to your needs.