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Miche Hope (Red) Shell - Classic

Miche Hope (Red) Shell – Classic

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Splashed with eye-catching hues of cheerful rouge, a delicate group of butterfly outlines joins an artfully rendered list of faith, hope, and love definitions on each side of the shell.

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You’ll tell the world you care about a cure each time you wear Hope on your shoulder. The only thing more beautiful than a stylish purse is one that makes the world a better place for everyone. Edgy and modern with just enough charming chic, this beautifully collaged Miche shell accentuates the outfits you love, from denim and blouses to more formal ensembles. Made of red faux leather for a stylish finish that’s animal-friendly, a portion of each shell sold goes to support the vital cause of cancer research. With hot colors, whimsical writing, and an excellent cause behind its creation, this purse is more than simply an accessory – it’s putting your money, keys, and lipstick where your heart is. This Red Hope Classic Miche Shell goes well with both the classic black base bag and the classic white base bag.