» Miche Gold Carabiner (1 inch)
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Miche Gold Carabiner (1 inch)

Miche Gold Carabiner (1 inch)

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Think outside the link and upgrade your look by creating patterns of silver, brass and gold with the larger gold carabiners or those crafted of other metals in the collection.

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Holding a handful of golden personalization magic, consider the possibilities of the Miche Gold Carabiner (1 inch). The simple to use links can swiftly lengthen a shoulder strap or handle, and can also be used to attach a set of keys, a coin purse or wallet or one of our Charmers in a customized way to your favorite Miche bag. These glinting circles are the ultimate solution to a shoulder bag that doesn’t feel quite right hanging by your side, and can give that needed inch or two of clearance for a classic bag that needs a little swing.

Use your style and your imagination to combine these shiny links with the Miche variety of metal chains, matching the gold or striking out in a different direction by contrasting with silver or brass.

High quality finishes and consistency of shape and size mean your experiments with these accessories result in fashionable personalization and coordination, and the flexibility afforded means your purse moves with you in comfort and style.