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Miche Classic Handles (Black)

Miche Classic Handles (Black)

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With its rolled faux leather style and 7″ handle drop, these black handles make a sophisticated addition to any Miche bag.

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Due to their neutral coloring, you can be assured that they will never clash with what you are wearing nor with any shells you decide to use. With these Classic Handles (Black), you can quickly replace the original handles that came with your Miche Classic Base. There are a number of reasons why you might need to replace the handles. Perhaps you have misplaced one of the handles when you changed out them to match a new shell you got for your bag. You can also use this set of two Classic Handles (Black) when you convert your Classic Miche bag from two handles to one handle. The single handle conversion kit is required to complete the conversion process. The 3/4″ width is narrow and adds an elegance to any outfit.