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Miche Braided Fashion Handles (Cream)

Miche Braided Fashion Handles (Cream)

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Faux leather handles in gorgeous cream measure 23″ long and add sophistication to your outfit, even when you wear your skinny jeans and furry boots.

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Miche is like no other purse for women today. The vast array of looks available to suit your tastes and the occasion is limited only by your imagination. Change the shell of the bag to match your mood, then add different accessories to complete the look.

With the Braided Fashion Handles (Cream), you can add a luxurious touch and feel to your favorite Miche Petite bag.

Extra eye appeal is added with the braided effect. The 3/4″ width of these handles is slender enough to look feminine when worn with even the most casual of outfits while chunky enough to add a much desired layer of texture to the look of the bag. With a handle drop of 11 1/2″, the handbag hits at a spot that is comfortable to reach.