» Miche Black Rope Fashion Handles (24 inch)
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Miche Black Rope Fashion Handles (24 inch)

Miche Black Rope Fashion Handles (24 inch)

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Fashioned in smooth and polished faux leather, these 24″ long true black handles are braided for a textural look.

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Even though black traditionally goes with everything, changing your purse handles to these when you use some of the more colorful shells will give your bag a look that is as unique as you are. The contrast between the braided handle and the sleek silver rings adds to the eye popping appeal of this accessory. With the Rope Fashion Handles (black) 24″, you can add poise to your Demi, Classic or Prima bags by Miche. With a width of 3/4″, they are wide enough to be comfortable when worn over your shoulder yet narrow enough to be easy to grasp if you would rather carry your Miche bag in your hand. Use these Rope Fashion Handles (black) 24″ to match to your favorite Miche shell or make an eye catching look of contrasting colors and patterns.