» Miche Aspen Shell Luxe (Demi)
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Miche Aspen Shell Luxe (Demi)

Miche Aspen Shell Luxe (Demi)

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This espresso colored, faux leather shell features intricately woven, herringbone detailing with incorporated chain-work across her exterior as well as on her matching handles.

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The dark leather seems to suggest a sense of strength and self-assurance while the gold chains peeking out from the herringbone loops hint at a barely contained, fun-loving vixen waiting within. Aspen is a good girl with a no-nonsense attitude. Strong, forward and utterly irresistible, Aspen for Demi Bags is as at home on the back of a motorcycle as she is at a fancy restaurant. Who says ladies have to wear lace and pearls? This classy diva is more interested in leather and gold chains. Take Aspen along for your ride and make a profound statement about your inner vixen.

Aspen is part of our Luxe line of shells and as such comes with matching handles, a key fob and a dust cover for safe storage.