» Miche Antique Brass Carabiners (1.5 inch)
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Miche Antique Brass Carabiners (1.5 inch)

Miche Antique Brass Carabiners (1.5 inch)

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The 1.5″ Antique Brass Carabiners allow you to customize your Miche bag just the way you want.

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If using your bag with a single handle is a look you would like to try, the set of 1.5″ Antique Brass Carabiners, along with a conversion kit, lets you convert double handles into a single, streamlined handle. With their classy antique brass finish, easy opening latch and 1.5″ size, this set of four metal rings lets you do quite a bit with your purse. You can use them as replacements for any rings that have become lost. For a look that adds contrasting appeal, you can mix and match carabiners of different finishes. By using a pattern of alternating antique brass and silver rings, your purse becomes uber hip. You can also use them to make the handle of your Miche purse longer so that it hits your hip or thigh in just the right place.