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Mekenna Miche Shell -- Petite

Mekenna Miche Shell — Petite

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The black ribbon detailing wraps around both pockets and the main body of the purse like a belt, and has a tiny bow in center that offers just a hint of girlish charm.

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The Mekenna is a petite Miche shell that is both pretty, pert and perfectly posh. The rectangular shell with pocketed ends is crafted from a rich lavender faux-ostrich leather for a femininely freckled look. It has pocketed ends that both offer additions space for organization and convenience, and which give the purse a slightly more rounded look. It also has a slightly scooped top line for visual appeal.

This perky Miche shell is sure to add a purely feminine flair to any ensemble, whether you are going for a look that is sophisticated and styled or one that is more spunky. Pair it with your favorite pumps and you can’t possibly go wrong.