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Madison Miche Shell (Demi)

Madison Miche Shell (Demi)

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Warm and golden tan faux leather is accented by a wide stripe of deep and dark blue that run across the width of this purse.

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For the woman who is a study in contrasts comes the Miche Madison Shell for the Demi bag. More antique hardware in the form of the handle rings and rivets, as well as the famed Miche plaque, add to the refined and elegant look of the Madison. A graceful strap of sandy tan with two graceful antique brass rings runs through the middle of that blue stripe. Textured leather that is gathered at the bottom gives this purse plenty of personality that is designed to match your own. Large enough for everything of importance that you don’t want to leave home without, there is also a large zippered pocket on the back for more storage. Add even more luxurious shine by changing the handle to the interchangeable handles with antique brass.