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Lexi Miche Shell (Prima)

Lexi Miche Shell (Prima)

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With her bold red detailing and her black and white giraffe print, this is not your wallflower shell.

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Stick your neck out and create a scene in Mainstreet, USA while carrying this African-inspired look. Don’t forget to add the Miche Prima Base Bag to this bold and fun shell. It is one of Miche’s all-time top sellers. Don’t be left in the Sahara dust, pick up your Lexi Miche Shell today. The Lexi Miche shell for Prima bags has a metallic Miche plate logo on a red background and faux leather construction, so you can give off your animalistic nature while being animal-conscious as well. Lexi is a creative scamp when it comes to fashion design, and you’ll know she’s on the prowl when you see her. Side pockets let you always have your most treasured accessories and items at a fingertip length away. A trendy look that can be a eyecatcher for those carrying a ho-hum design. This has been a long-time favorite for Miche customers.If you have ever considered selling Miche yourself, this could be a top-seller for you too.