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Lana Miche Shell (Demi)

Lana Miche Shell (Demi)

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Richly textured faux leather in a brisk and colorful minty turquoise green takes your audience's breath away as you enter a room.

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Vertical placed white piping that is very thin runs from the collar to the bottom of the Lana shell. Silver hardware in the form of a solidly square logo plate resides in the upper corner. Pair this shell with the brand new White Croc Fashion Handles to make the white piping accent really stand out. With the invigorating look of the Miche Lana Demi Shell, you can cozy up with all the freshness and newness the season has to offer. Crisp stitching on the diagonal adds a youthful and effervescent flair to the Lana Demi shell from Miche. A broad band of this same exhilarating minty green encircles the top collar of this shell while the spacious exterior side pockets both feature a narrow band of this material.