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Janice Miche Shell (Prima)

Janice Miche Shell (Prima)

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With her navy blue high gloss faux leather and her black elbow-patch detailing along the bottom, its a shell that is captain-ready.

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Soft and supple, the faux leather will keep you at the top of your animal-saving conscious. Get your sea legs with Janice. Sassy side-kick Janice goes sets sail for the high seas with her Navy-inspired style and design. You’ll be screaming “Aye Aye” to this fashionable Miche shell for Prima bags as you batten down the hatches to the affordable pricing. Take her to the helm and chart your path through life, her embossed woven pattern and white stitching will keep you at the height of fashion. Make a statement without ever leaving ground with this nautical delight. Lastly, the cute knotted tie at the clutch-top will add a bit of whimsy to the ship-shape classic feel and style. Make sure to also check out our Miche Charmers. The Raven Charmer would look especially fetching with this look.