» Hope (Dove) Miche Shell (Prima)
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Hope (Dove) Miche Shell (Prima)

Hope (Dove) Miche Shell (Prima)

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Delicate doves in taupe and black fly across the fabric with leaves in varying shades of tan.

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A lovely casual design, the bag is winter white with taupe trim in pebble print. Whether you are giving it as a gift to a woman you highly regard, or stealing it for yourself for those comfy casual summer days, the Hope (dove) Miche shell is one shell you’ll be grabbing whenever you want to feel pretty. You’ll feel as free as the doves that adorn this Miche shell when you carry the Hope (dove) for Prima bags shell. This is a delicately pretty shell, designed for the ultra-feminine woman. Hope (dove) also has the word “hope” spread throughout the print, keeping it at the forefront of the design.

This new hope dove collection is our newest addition of shells to our cause to fight cancer. We have the hope dove shells in our classic shells and demi shells along with the hope dove petite shell. We also have an adorable hope charmer to add flair to your purse while contributing to a great cause.