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Hope (Dove) Miche Shell (Petite)

Hope (Dove) Miche Shell (Petite)

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A white background is accented by fawn colored trimming and the design features both doves and olive branches in a motif that brings to mind the soft, warm breezes of early spring.

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Hope (Dove) for Petite Bags features two side pockets for added convenience and a design that is sure to warm your heart. Doves and olive branches have represented peace for generations and now, these little friends can warm your heart and inspire you with hope no matter where you journey. Hope (Dove) Petite is a wonderful accompaniment to any outfit, especially on days when you just need a little something sweet. The dove is an internationally recognized symbol of peace that has been used symbolically for many hundreds of years. One look at Hope (Dove) for Petite Miche Bags and you’ll immediately understand where her name comes from. The word “hope” can be seen floating on the breeze among the birds and leaves, completing the ensemble. Closer inspection will reveal the pebbled texture of the faux leather and the sprightly splashes of color among the birds: soft yellows and spring greens.

A portion of the sales from these Miche shells goes directly to cancer research, making your gift to yourself a gift for others as well. The Hope (Dove) comes in all shell sizes: prima, demi, and classic.