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Hilton Miche Shell Luxe (Classic)

Hilton Miche Shell Luxe (Classic)

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With a double row of pink braids woven through grommets of sparkling gold along its top and its matching double handles, the Hilton is exactly the kind of head turner needed to open up the spring season.

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Hilton is a faux leather classic shell colored in pale pink and accessorized with side pockets. Two ropes are woven through a trio of peek-a-boo openings at the top, showing off their fun braided texture. A petite dee ring at the center holds a matching tassel and gold Miche plate. Usher in spring with this Classic shell from Miche’s Luxe Collection. Even the name, Hilton Miche Shell, evokes an image of femininity that brings to mind elegance and class.

Soft faux leather in a blush pastel pink lets you celebrate the freshness of the season.

A flirty pink tassel dangles from a gold chain beside the square gold Miche name plate. Bright gold grommets on the bottom protect the base of the shell from undue wear and tear while also adding a note of sophistication.

Tuck your mobile phone into one of the roomy side pockets, and your favorite pair of sunglasses into the other, and you are ready to embrace the warmth and newness that is spring.