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Cheery Miche Shell (Petite)

Cheery Miche Shell (Petite)

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Sexy faux snakeskin is juxtaposed with composed and cultured dainty pleats and precision fabric folds, a fascinating fuschia fusion of elegance and pizazz.

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Petite with a playful punch of pure pink, Cheery keeps it lively with the bright color and a fascinating snakeskin texture. A small but able storehouse for the items you always need near, put practicality over the top with an unmistakably magenta hue and an uncompromising eye for fine detailing. If you are looking for a petite shell that is big on style, Cheery is definitely on the short list. This little bag will never be overlooked, not with its vibrant hot pink color, and its exquisite detailing.

Keeps the basics organized when you are on the go, creating a constant complementary buzz among your admirers when it hangs comfortably at your hip. Put a smile on everyone’s face with Cheery Petite; infusing fall with fail-proof fun.