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Chase Miche Shell (Classic)

Chase Miche Shell (Classic)

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Chase Miche Shell is has a bit of bohemian flair with pastel sandstone colors.

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With the Chase shell for your Miche Classic base bag, the eye popping geometric zig zagging shapes on the faux leather add lots of oomph and texture to any ensemble you wear. Sharply cut strips in olive green overlay to make double horizontal Xs within a deep V across the front of this shell. When you change the shell of your Classic Miche bag to the Chase Miche Shell, you can usher in spring with a distinctive addition to your wardrobe.

A prominent zigzag design provides the background of this flawless shell. Narrow lines of tan, cream, sage and brown flow seamlessly into a geometric pattern that really pops on the soft and supple faux leather material Miche is famous for. Two deep slashes form the perfect shape for large criss crosses of olive green to be emblazoned in between them.

Because of the way this Chase shell for Classic Miche bags has been designed, if the light catches it just right, you will see a subtle shimmering that adds enough pizzazz for spectators around you to take notice. The silver handle rings and name plate add the ideal amount of sparkle.

Change out the standard black handles for cream braided handles or the new interchangeable straps in cream for a smooth matching look.