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Bianca Miche Shell (Demi)

Bianca Miche Shell (Demi)

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Neutral colored shell with a hip and wild pattern makes this a favorite for Miche customers.

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A bag for all seasons, invite Bianca along on all your adventures, its natural, neutral tones coordinating well with colors understated to bold. Carry everything you could possibly need on these expeditions; Bianca opens wide to accept wallet to waterbottle, with generous pockets keeping keys and cell phones to hand. Boldly patterned, Bianca Miche Shell (Demi) awaits your walk on the wild side. Trimmed precisely with a fawn-colored fitted band around the top of the purse, seams are accented nicely with this neutral, including backing a Miche engraved square. Slim fawn straps buckle on the right and left, while the sinuous surface of the shell pulses with texture and subtle serpentine shades of buff, ivory, brown and cream.

A slinky slide into spring and summer, the undulating natural hues pair well with pastels but strike a balance with more assertive summer jewel tones as well. Match Bianca with some strappy skin-colored sandals for an understated but elegant look, or have fun with bright flip flops or perhaps a barefoot day at the beach. Compliments your sun kissed glow, but admire also its flexibility as summer slips into fall, its soft colors at home with the russets, oranges and reds of autumn.