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Autumn Miche Shell (Classic)

Autumn Miche Shell (Classic)

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Consider it your wardrobe's secret weapon: a dark teal faux leather meets swooping lines and pleating that ensures this purse won't blend into the crowd.

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Once you wear it, you’re sure to agree that this purse is an ideal all-season color, paired with a cozy scarf in winter or toted poolside when the weather turns warmer. Color fads come and go with the seasons, but this elegant little bag proves that a jewel-tone teal is always in style. Two curved rows of subtle pleats add just a touch of visual texture, giving an alluring punch to this hot hue along each side.

A pair of convenient side pockets enable you to keep important items close at hand, ensuring that you won’t miss an important phone call or misplace your keys.

Renovate your style with a new Miche shell and kick boring beiges to the curb: a more colorful accessory awaits.