The Purse with the Changeable Shell

Your clothes change, your shoes change, even your jewelry and makeup can change to suit your mood – so why not your purse? Miche bags are unlike anything you’ve ever seen, made with a set of cleverly hidden magnetic clasps that accommodate a collection of over a hundred fashionable shells. Fully customizable, a Miche bag can change straps, pockets, and even accent charms in a flash, taking any bag from business casual to an evening out with ease. With just a pull and a press, you’re ready to hit downtown with a stylish new bag that you never even had to set down!

A Sexy Sidekick

If you’ve ever reached for your wallet only to experience a sinking feeling as you realize it’s in your other purse, you already know what an inconvenience it is. Your favorite lipsticks, credit cards, earrings, and more get scattered between your day purse and your “party” purse, leaving you constantly searching for missing items. Miche bags eliminate this problem entirely – your base bag never changes, so all of your belongings stay right where you need them. You look great, everything you need is at your fingertips, and you can change your look anytime you want – what’s not to love?


Pack All of Your Purses

Are you traveling but aren’t sure which purse to take? Bring your Miche Bag along and pack your favorite shells and you won’t have to pick and choose. The shells pack flat and take up virtually no room, leaving more space for that pair of must-have heels or a backup little black dress. When you arrive, simply press on your shell of choice and enjoy your destination wearing your very own style. Miche Shells can also be kept in an office drawer for post work get-togethers, or in your car’s seat back pocket to try out a new purse wherever your travels take you.

By Women, For Women

Miche bags were designed by a working woman, and are sold by an enthusiastic network of working women nationwide. With new Miche shells, accessories, and options being released all the time, there’s always a fun new way to assemble your dream purse with Miche Bag. Whether you like canvas and leather or wild colors and reptile print, there’s a Miche combination just waiting for your special touch. Made to flow with the busy currents of life, Miche Bags are versatile, hard working and gorgeous – just like the sensational women that wear them.


Magnetic, Changeable Purse Covers. That’s Miche Bag

The look of a Miche Bag can be changed in mere moments, thanks to the magnets cleverly hidden in each shell. Simply give your existing shell a gentle tug to remove it, place the bottom of your base bag in the center of your new shell, press the magnetic sides into place and you’re ready to go! Your shell stays firmly in place throughout your busy day, and you can change it as many times as you like. There’s no velcro to snag on your favorite sweaters, no snaps to struggle with, no unsightly zippers – simply pull, press, and enjoy your new Miche look..

Change Your Look. Change Your Miche Shell

Switching the contents of purses can be frustrating and troublesome as important items like your debit card, favorite lipstick, or that perfect pair of sunglasses accidentally get left in the wrong bag. Don’t forgo the fun of accessorizing – use Miche shells to match a single base bag to your outfit with ease. Effortless to switch, Miche shells use hidden magnets to completely change the look of your Miche purse – elegant to flirty, bold to demure. Your Miche shell collection can be as impressive as you please, giving you the chance to enjoy hundreds of different styles from one cleverly designed purse.

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Miche Jewelry

Interchangable jewelry. Match a Miche Jewelry style with your Miche shell and complete the look. Another first from Miche Bag.