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Miche Shell and Purse Organizers

Miche Shell and Purse Organizers

Miche Purse Organizer
For Miche Classic Shells and Miche Prima bags, you can now streamline and de-stress your life when you have a place for everything and everything is in its place when using your upgraded Miche purse. Never lose a needed, valuable or well-loved item within the depths of your purse again while using this well-designed and constructed organizer, simple to personalize to meet your needs.

Miche Pockettes
Add extra storage to your Miche Bag.  Miche Pockettes ends the indecision between a flat sided shell or a pocketed shell once and for all. This clever chocolate brown upgrade uses stretchy lace and faux leather side pockets to slide between a classic bag and a flat sided shell. The end result is a gorgeous bag with the extra storage you need.

Miche Purse Organizer For Classic / Petite Shells
This Classic and Petite Shell Organizer keeps your style possibilities lined up for perusal. With dual-sided space for up to 13 shells in total, this nylon organizer makes accessorizing a breeze. A metal hanger top allows you to tuck this delightful design right beside your favorite outfits in the closet.

Miche Shell and Purse Organizers
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