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Marseilles Miche Shell (Prima)

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Marseilles Miche Shell (Prima)

Shades of grey, silver and gold catch the light and add some glamour to all of your favorite outfits. This fabulous bag is large enough to carry around your iPad or laptop.

The combination of professional and flirty make this shell an outstanding example of our Miche Luxe line of Prima Bag Shells. The side pockets add extra storage space to your base bag and the sturdy rings for both the short and long handles provide a sense of security in the quality and craftsmanship of this luxury shell.

As part of our Miche Luxe line, this shell comes with a short handle and a shoulder strap, as well as a matching key fob. Our complimentary dust cover will keep Marseille clean during storage.

Prima Miche Base Bag sold separately.
Miche Prima Base Bag
Miche Catalog SKU# 7592

Available today for $94.95. Thanks for shopping Miche.

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