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Kara Miche Shell (Demi)

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Kara Miche Shell (Demi)

Putting a fresh twist on the classic neutral colored bag, this Miche shell goes well with your business power suit while still being able to infuse spectacular fun into your times of relaxation.

Featuring a sensational snakeskin pattern, this purse takes neutral colors to a whole new level that could never be called boring. Another detail that really makes the Kara shell a standout is the silver buckle accent that is capped on the ends by oversized silver hardware.

For a look that embraces even more silver accents, consider changing the handle to silver chains. A wide swath of soft grey faux leather borders the top of this handbag and gives it distinctive look.

Demi Miche Base Bag sold separately.
Miche Demi Base Bag
Miche Catalog SKU# 3145

Available today for $39.95. Thanks for shopping Miche.