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Gina Miche Shell (Demi)

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Gina Miche Shell (Demi)

Throw Gina across your shoulder and go forth to fight your daily dragons assured you have everything you need.

Ahoy! Miche’s Gina Demi takes us back to the time when the furthest reaches of the world were unknown, a faux leather map warning of the wonders and terrors just over the horizon. This bag is enchanting, hinting of sea monsters and fantastic lands, the black and white print with golden and brown highlights all bound together with antique metal rings, brass rivets and leather-like straps. Pair this with the generously-sized Prima Base Bag to come out on top and ready to claim the treasure.

Demi Miche Base Bag sold separately.
Miche Demi Base Bag
Miche Catalog SKU# 3181

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