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Miche Antique Brass Carabiners (1 inch)

Miche Antique Brass Carabiners (1 inch) Image


Miche Antique Brass Carabiners (1 inch)

Sold four to a set, these metal rings are designed to be easily opened with just a bit of fingertip pressure. This lets you quickly and easily add a few rings to your Miche purse.

Of course, you can use these classic brass rings to replace ones that have become lost on your fave Miche. But did you know you can also use them to extend the handle of your bag so that it rests exactly where it suits you? You can also use these 1" Antique Brass Carbiners to convert a double handle bag to a single handle one with the addition of the conversion kit.

Miche Catalog SKU# 9652

Available today for $5.95. Thanks for shopping Miche.

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