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Our company mainly refers to the Chinese standard

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Our company mainly refers to the Chinese standard

  《Design Specification for Grain Steel Silo》(GB50322-2011)

  《Code for Design of Steel Structures》(GB50017~-2003)

  《Torsion-type high strength bolt connection for steel structure》 (GBT3632-2008)

  《High Tower Design Code》 (GB501352006)

  《Construction Site Environment and Health Standards》 (JGJ146-2004)

  《Lifting equipment installation engineering and acceptance specifications》 (GB50278-2010)

  《Technical Specifications for Safety of Building Construction Legs》 (JGJ164--2008)

  《Building anti-corrosion engineering construction quality acceptance specification》 (GB50224-2010)

  《Code for installation and quality acceptance of metallurgical dust removal equipment》(GB505662010)

  《Structural Structural Reinforcement for Bonded Steel》(JG/T217-2010)

  《Expansion polystyrene board thin plaster external wall insulation system》 (JG149--2003)

  《Welding Joint Tensile Test Method 》(GBT2651-2008/SO4136:2001)

  《Chlorinated polyethylene waterproofing membrane》 (GB12593-2003)

  《Design, construction and acceptance of high-strength bolted steel structures》 (JGJ82-91)

  《Safety Specifications for Construction Site Electricity Supply"》 (JB50194-93)